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YSR Aasara scheme Pathakam in AP 2020 (Eligibility, Loan waiver, Pay off, SHG DWCRA women, Apply Online Form, Status, Last Date, Portal, New Guideline Navaratnalu)

The Prime Minister has stated on several occasions that the rural women must be empowered. It will pave the path for the financial independence of such women. In this line, every state started strengthening the self-help groups. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has announced the YSR Aasara Scheme to help such women with financial assistance. In this article, you will gather details about the salient features, eligibility, necessary documents and the application procedure.


YSR Aasara Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2020

Name of the schemeYSR Aasara Scheme
Launched inAndhra Pradesh
Launched byYSR Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of official announcement2020
Date of implementation11th September 2020
Target beneficiariesWomen associated with SHGs in rural areas
Supervised byGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
Mode of applicationOffline application

Important features of the YSR Aasara Scheme

Financial empowerment of women

The primary aim of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is to ensure that rural women become financial independent and strong.

Repayment of loan installments

The state government will pay the loan installments, which have been obtained by the women, associated with registered self-help groups. The loan repayment will be done in monthly installments.

Selected groups

As per the draft, the state government has selected and identified 9, 33, 180 groups, which will obtain the financial perks of this scheme. A rough estimate states that the total number of beneficiaries will be as many as 90 lakhs.

Allocated budget

The Chief Minister of the state has already mentioned that Andhra Pradesh Finance Department has already set aside a whopping sum of Rs. 6, 792.21 crore.

Eligibility Criteria

Residential criterion

It is imperative that the scheme applicants are genuine and permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh.

Financial background

Only those women will receive the opportunity to apply and obtain the scheme benefits, which belong to the BPL category.

Member of DWCRA and SHGs

Only those women, which are registered with the Development of Women & Children in Rural Areas and certified Self-help Groups, will be able to apply for this project.

Details of loan application

It has been mentioned that all loans, which have been taken before or on 11th April 2020, will fall under the umbrella of this scheme.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof – All applicants must attach a photocopy of their residential proof documents, as issued by the Andhra Pradesh government.
  2. Identification proof – Submitting a copy of the Aadhar card and the Voter Card are mandatory during the registration process.
  3. Membership documents – Evert candidate must attach a photocopy of the SHG or DWCRA membership certificate. Failure to submit this document will result in the cancellation of the application.
  4. Loan documents – A photocopy of the loan application and receipt certificate must be provided for fact checking and verification.
  5. Financial background certificate – If an applicant wants to obtain the loan payoff facility, she must submit a copy of her BPL certificate during registration.

How to apply for the YSR Aasara Scheme

Offline application process

Many rural women do not possess the skills to operate a computer. Thus, the Chief Minister has decided to opt for an offline registration process. It will aid the women, living in the villages.

Application at banks

The government banks can accept the applications, and forward them to the specific state government department. For this, the members of SHGs and DWCRA must go to any branch of the banks.

Collect the registration form

The interested applicants will have to go to the bank help desk. The bank employee will provide them with the application form, free of cost.

Registration form fill-up

After collecting the registration form, the candidate needs to fill in the necessary details. Making errors in the form will lead to the cancellation of the application.

Attaching necessary documents

After this, the candidate needs to attach the photocopies of all the vital documents, which have been mentioned in the above section.

Submitting the form

It is important to re-check the application document and the attached papers. If everything is in order, then the candidate must submit the form in the bank drop box.


Q: Which primary benefit does the YSR Aasara Scheme offers?

Ans: Government will repay loans taken by women

Q: Which groups will be able to apply for the scheme benefits?

Ans: Self-Help Groups and DWCRA members

Q: What is the loan-related requirement, as stated under the scheme?

Ans: Loan must be sanctioned on or before 11th April

Q: What is the official launch date of the scheme?

Ans: 11th of September 2020

Q: How many beneficiaries are likely to get the scheme perks?

Ans: 90 lakh women

Is it possible for the interested applicants to register via online mode?

Ans: No

Q: Will widows be a part of this scheme?

Ans: Only members of Dwakara Mahila group

The Andhra Pradesh government has always taken proactive steps for the development of needy women. The scheme will eliminate the financial burden of paying the credit installments. You will get other scheme related updates on our site soon.

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