UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2022

UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020-21 – Curriculum for Life Skills for UG Students (Courses List)

 UGC or University Grant Commission has launched a scheme called ‘Jeevan Kaushal Scheme’. The scheme was launched to promote the curriculum skill that is important for future. The scheme was launched to encourage the pupils to sharpen their skill so that they can remain aware. It will help them to win over their fear and insecurities in future. This is the reason the scheme was launched for the undergraduate students. The scheme was launched by the Union Minister for Human Resource Development Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank.

UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme

According to the authority, the scheme will cover few things like professional skill, leadership skill, communication skill, management skill, and human values. These are skills the students will not get in their syllabus as they are present in the text books. So UGC decided to publish new e-book on the official website and the students need to click here. On the other hand the scheme is not effective now as they are keen to consult with the vice chancellor to implement the curriculum skill in the universities and in the colleges affiliated under their universities.

The primary objective of the scheme

After gaining an overall knowledge about the scheme, you need to learn about the objective of the scheme and they are discussed below.

  • The scheme will help to increase the ability of a student to become self aware so that he/she can gain victory over fear and insecurities in future
  • The scheme will also work on to increase the knowledge about emotional competency, intelligence in the real world
  • The newly launched scheme will increase the student’s potential so that they can survive in the outer world
  • In order to be fit in the real world one needs to sharpen the interpersonal skill; and the scheme will help that
  • The scheme will help to nurture the leadership quality and nurture the behavioral characteristics
  • Apart from that the scheme will teach the students regarding setting a goal in life and deal with stress
  • The scheme will try to take a comprehensive step to prepare good human beings

After looking at the objectives one can assume the possible outcome of the scheme. It is believed that if the scheme is implemented effectively, then the students may improve their confidence level that will make them competent in the field of work/study. The students will be able to hold up their strong self in the difficult situation as they will be emotionally competent. On the other hand, the scheme will also provide the strength to the students to utilize their skills and knowledge so that they become a wise human being in future. So, let’s look at the course list.

Course list

The scheme is going to introduce four types of courses to the undergraduate students. Course 1 will teach communication, course 2 will have knowledge about professional skills, course 3 will deal with leadership skill, and lastly, the course 4 will teach about human values.

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