Study In India Scheme Program 2021 [List]

Study In India Scheme Program 2019-20 [Scholarship, Education Loan,Course List, Application Form, Institute, Fees, Eligibility, Documents, Portal, Helpline toll free Number]

The educational system in India was in a sorry state for several years. But during the last few years, massive changes have been made in the primary, secondary, and university level education system so that India students can compete with their international counterparts. The central government has launched several welfare schemes for the Indian students. This not only increases the literacy percentage of the nation but also improves the educational environment. Now the central government has turned its attention to attracting more international students. For this, it has designed and implemented the Study In India Program.

Study In India Program

Study In India Program

Name of the schemeStudy In India Program
Launched inIndia
Launched byNarendra Modi
Date of announcementMarch 2018
Targeted towardsAttracting foreign students
Supervised byHuman Resource & Development Ministry
Official website
Helpline number +91 9899-450-350

Primary objectives of the scheme

Developing India as an education hub

The national education system was ridden with too many flaws. It made India incapable of meeting the requirements of foreign students. Thus, only a few international exchange students came to India. The Study in India program will develop the overall academic structure in the country that will have the potential to nurture foreign higher-education applicants.

Developing soft-skills

The program will also help the central and state governments to offer colleges and universities adequate facilities. These facilities are necessary for the development of the soft-skills of Indian students, and attract the attention of international candidates.

Inviting foreign students

Offering better academic programs for the international students will encourage them to pick India as a favorable destination. Modern curriculum and unique courses will increase the relevance of Indian education system on the international platform.

Paving the path for diplomacy

As more and more foreign students come to India, the diplomatic relation and bonds between the countries will also improve. It will set the stage for implementation of other inter-national developmental programs.

Increase India’s share in education sector

Recent academic reports suggest that India has only one percent of the international student share in academic sectors. With the implementation of this program, the central government wants to increase this share to two percent.

Enhancing quality of higher education within the nation

Foreign students will not come to India if the government fails to improve the quality of higher-education. This program will also target this aspect. Government will take necessary steps, which will make India favorable for international students. It will automatically increase the quality and standard of national education system.

Increasing India’s academic ranking

India has failed to cement its place among the top nations, which are considered leaders in the academic sector. The successful implementation of this program will help the country to climb up the rank ladder.

Discouraging Indian students from traveling abroad for education

Each year, thousands of meritorious India students travel abroad for higher education. When they realize that foreigners are considering India for academic purposes, they will feel the urge to stay in the country and study. It will put a stopper on the brain drain issue as well.

Increasing share of foreign pupils in India

Earlier, very few foreign students used to pick India as their destitution for higher education. So, share of foreign students in India was rather low. With the implementation of this program, India will become a popular education hub. It will attract foreign academic enthusiasts, and tis will increase the international student’s percentage in India.

Offering better academic facilities

With the development of this academic welfare scheme, the central and state government will be able to work in unison and improve the overall educational environment in the nation. When more foreign students come to India for completing their education, it will pave the path for the development and modernization of academic infrastructure in the nation.

Key features of the scheme

Attracting foreign students

The primary objective of this program is to launch Indian as a revered academic destination for the students from other countries.

Offering fee waiver

The selected foreign applicants will be entitled to attain tuition fee waivers. The applicants can acquire anything between 100% to 25% discount on the tuition fee. This discount will be given by the respective university or college.

Admission in prestigious educational institutes

To attract the attention of the interested foreign applicants, the central government will start the scheme with prestigious colleges, universities and other higher-education institutes.

Seat allocation for foreign students

The central government has prescribers that all colleges and universities, which will be offering special courses and educational programs for the international applicants, must allocated 10% to 15% of the seats.

Better funding for colleges and universities

The central government will offer regular finding to the registered colleges and universities so that the institutes can modernize their curriculum and improve the infrastructure.

Responsibilities of the universities

It will be the responsibility of the respective college or university to offer the fee waiver to the international applicants, from its own treasury.

No additional central funding

The central or the state government will not be offering any additional funding to the colleges and universities to accommodate the fee waivers.

Tuition fee waiver slab

Position on the merit listPercentage of tuition fee waiver
Top 25% international candidates100% of the total course fee
Following 25% international candidates50% of the total course fee
Next 25% international candidates25% of the total course fee
Remaining 25% international candidatesNo tuition fee waiver applicable

Study In India Portal

As the scheme has been implemented for attracting more and more international students, the Ministry or Human Resources and Development has already developed and launched a user-friendly portal for the foreign candidates. One can log in on the ‘Study In India’ website by clicking on the link This portal will highlight the application procedure, academic program-related details and the list of colleges and universities, where the interested applicants can pursue these courses.

How to get application form and register?

  1. All applicants must register to acquire the benefits of this scheme through the official website. Clicking on the link will give candidates access to the homepage.
  2. Here, applicants will be able to research about the available courses and the list of colleges and universities. These details can be accessed by clicking on the respective tabs, located on the top of the page.
  3. If the applicant is visiting the website for the first time, then he/she must register.
  4. At the left –top corner of the page, applicants will see a link that is marked as ‘Student Login/Apply.’
  5. After this, the log in page will open up. First timers must scroll down and click on the registration link that is marked as ‘Don’t have an account? Sign Up.’
  6. As soon as the candidate clicks on this link, the online application page will open up.
  7. The students must fill in all the fields with correct data, type in the capchat code, and then click on the “Sign Up” button. It will complete the registration process.
  8. Any foreign student, who already has completed the registration, can log in by clicking on the link Student Login/Apply.’
  9. It will trigger the page to open the login page. Here, candidates must type in their e-mail ID and a password in the marked fields.
  10. After this, they need to type in the capcha code and click on the “Submit” button.
  11. Once the applicant gains access in the site, through his/her registered account, the selection of the course and college/university selection can be completed.
  12. These details are also available in the portal.

The education system is India is developing at a steady pace. The rate of development in the higher education institutes is comparatively rapid as these organizations attain more grants and funding for the central government. Increase in the scope of research and modernization in scientific and technological fields have made revamped India’s image in the international platform. Students from many Asian and South-East Asian countries are already flocking in India for better educational prospects.

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