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SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme 2020 Application Form Online, Eligibility, Portal

Science and Engineering Research Board has launched a scheme called Accelerate Vigyan Scheme. The scheme will help to boost the different scientific researches in the country. According to the authority, it is a capacity-building program that will allow the young aspirants to get internships. The Union Government launched the scheme to a manpower that that will help in scientific researches. The article is going to discuss about the newly launched program.

SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme

Launch details

Name of the schemeAccelerate Vigyan Scheme
Date of launchJuly, 2020
Launched inIndia
Launched byUnion government of India
Target peopleAspiring researchers in science

Important Points –


 It is a platform that will improve the high-end research works that are taking place in India.

Strengthening the research

the program will identify the potential of a research and then it will work towards strengthening it.

Programs under the scheme

 Under the scheme there will lots of workshops on science projects, and there will training on the national level.

Quality monitoring

The research workshops will be monitored by skilled and experienced researchers.

Number of workshops

Till now it has been decided to conduct 1000 high-quality workshops for the 25000 master’s and doctoral candidates will be conducted in five years.


 The workshops will be conducted with the collaboration with the several elite scientific institution of the country.


 As per the rule of the scheme every year 1000 of students will able to participate in the workshops, who are coming from recognized institutions in the country.

Types of work

Under the scheme there will be primarily two types of works will be done- research internship and quality workshops.

Workshops organizers

to conduct the workshops the institutions like IIT, IISERs, IISc, NIT, ICMR, CSIR, ICAR will be asked.

Eligibility criteria

Indian students-

 The candidate has to be pursuing their post graduation or PhD in a reputed institution in India.


The candidates needs to have master’s degree in science or has to be pursuing PhD in science.

 Documents required

Proof of the institution

In order to apply for the scheme one needs to provide proof that he/she is associated with Indian institution.

Educational certificate

One needs to submit their educational certificate that will prove that they are coming from science background.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. Visiting the site

    In order apply for the scheme you need to visit the official site that is Click Here

  2. Clicking the option

    Once you are redirected to the home page you need to find an option called ‘ABHYAAS’

  3. Selecting the area

    After that you will be redirected to a new page there you will get 2 options- Karyashala (workshops), and Vritika (internship). You need to select as per your desire. 

  4. Workshop application

    in order to apply for workshops you need to click on Karyashala and you will get a page where you have to click on ‘Join Now’.

  5. Login page for workshop

    A login page will appear where the candidate needs to click on ‘register as student’.

  6. Filling in the form

    The candidates then will get a registration and he/she needs to fill in correct information and then click on submit.

  7. Internship application-

    After clicking on Vritika the applicant will get an option called ‘Join Now’.

  8. Registration

    Same as workshop the application will get a form that they need to fill up and after submission of the form the registration will be completed.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the scheme will give a potential platform to the aspiring students who are pursuing science. It will encourage several other students to take up science in the future. The platform will create greater opportunity for the students who love science by involving them high-end research works.  It will be not only beneficial for the students but for the country as well in terms of progress.


When is the last date of application?

31st August, 2020 is the last date of application.

 Where to Contact regarding this scheme?

You can call at +91-11-40000380 for further information or you can e-mail at

How many students will be selected?

As per the guideline, every year 1000 students will be selected for the research program.

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