PM Modi Suggests Sports Scheme – One State One Game Scheme India

PM Modi Suggests Sports Scheme – One State One Game Scheme India

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently convened a meeting at his residence, 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, and summoned all the sports fraternity. The primary purpose of the meeting was about the preparation for Tokyo Olympic 2020. However the meeting took place last month and outcome is here. PM Narendra Modi conducted the meeting on  November, 2019 and the meeting was attended by Director General of Sports Authority of India, sports Secretary, and the CEO of Target Olympics Podium Scheme.

One State One Game Scheme India

It has been heard that in the meeting the PM discussed about several schemes to develop the current scenario. Among all the discussed schemes related to athletics, the notable one was One State One Game Principle. Along with that the government is planning to include the corporate sectors to elevate the standard Indian athletics.

It was concluded that ‘One State One Game Principle’ would be analyzed by the States and its modalities will likewise be worked out. The point is make one state capable in a solitary game in which it has the exceptional inclination and to progress in the direction of getting an Olympic gold decoration in the equivalent. Kids from different states wishing to contend in that game may likewise be sent to this specific State.

For this, the Sports Ministry may inspect the records of execution of players and decorations got by each State over the most recent 20 years. They ought to effectively draw in with the Indian Diaspora in and around Tokyo to take a shot at the rule of ‘One Family One Player’ whereby one Indian family from the Diaspora can receive one player from the group during his/her stay in Tokyo.

The ministry will also look into the matter so that the business or any corporate company come forward and promote the player and the sport for the Olympic. The promotion will be in a way that will benefit both the parties. The company and the brand will get prestige on the other hand; the particular player will be in the color that represents the brand.

There will be an online portal called Guru Shishya Parampara, and the portal will be run by Department of Sports. On the portal the coaches can register their names with other details along with the details of the students. It will help to sort out the talent for the upcoming tournament.

In order to select players for upcoming event it is very important to have a database where the authority will have all the details of the players from Indian origin. It will help the selectors to screen the best talent of the nation. If the authority can launch a portal like that then there will be chance for the Indian origin player who stays in foreign country.

From the above article it can be expected that for the upcoming Olympic India is going to launch schemes so that players can perform better that previous. Now it is the time to wait for those schemes to be implemented.

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