Online Land and Building Plan Approval System (LBPAS) Karnataka

Online Land and Building Plan Approval System (LBPAS) in Karnataka 2019-20 [Benefits, computer verification of layouts, change of land use, CAD drawing files]

Karnataka government has launched an innovative step for land and building plan sanction. This easy-to-use online approval system will mark as a milestone and help the common mass. With the introduction of this convenient online approval, online change of the land, and other online functions through this LBPAS system shall help.

In the approval of building and land, a transparent system has been introduced by the Urban Development Department in Karnataka, and this has been possible after introduction of LBPAS. However, LBPAS ensures to gives hassle-free service to the common mass of the state. to avoid delay in the proper implementation of LBPAS, CM of Karnataka has decided to start with LBPAS website so that citizens can have transparency and they get service from a trustworthy system. 

Online Land and Building Plan Approval System (LBPAS) in Karnataka

What are the highlighting features of Land and Building plan approval system?

  • The easy facility of online submission can be done through LBPAS portal. Citizens of the state have to follow some easy steps of the online procedure to complete it. This would include computer verification that would require a CAD drawing file.
  • In this system, integration with other authorities would be allowed, such as NOCs, AAI, Fire, and others. This shall help in easy application process online. Other than this, inspection and joint scheduling will be possible by sharing relevant information through this portal.
  • This system has introduced online payment, making it easy for the citizens of the state. However, they can check their application status online. In addition to this, they would get email service and SMS to get updates relating to the above-said system.
  • Under this system, files and approvals would take place instantly within a specific time. People will get a certificate that is computer generated along with a digital signature. However, these certificates are verified by third parties.

What are the benefits to get from Urban Development department of Karnataka?

The above said department of the state is aiming at the following things that would help common mass.

  1. It would reduce manual effort in scrutinizing designs. In addition, it shall also help in quick checking of statistics along with data verification service that is provided by the state government. This way, it is possible to minimize the chances of errors in verification of online applications.
  2. Following this, it also results in a reduction of application processing time. Therefore, people can expect to get improved and quality service. So, this would ultimately result in the transparency of work in the government departments.

How online building and land approval would benefit common people?

The citizens of Karnataka can expect to get the following benefits from the above-said plan.

  • Application submission and approval – From submission of the application to getting application approvals, the citizens will not have to visit the office. It can be done online from the comfort of home. Also, it would be done through a trustworthy mechanism where the documents of the system would be verified thoroughly.
  • Submission of important documents – The approval system would involve one-time approval of vital documents that are required at the time of registration for the above said system. This ensures that the system would function in an authentic way.
  • CAD drawing – In this system approval, CAD drawing would also be checked along with bylaws before submission of the related documents. In any of endorsements, citizens have to opt for re-submission that would be done through the online portal of the company itself.
  • Online payment and checking status – This system has introduced the facility of online payment for the above-said service. The citizens would be helped from this facility of online payment. In addition to this, the interested candidates under this system can also opt for checking the application status online.

However, for any related information about the above-said system, the interested candidate can visit the online portal of the system.

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