Kerala NORKA Roots Pravasi Registration Online

NORKA Roots Pravasi Registration Scheme in Kerala 2020 (Online Application Form Portal, Eligbility, Documents) ( COVID-19 Migrants Return E-Pass

Many residents of Kerala migrate to other Indian states or foreign countries for professional purposes. The Coronavirus pandemic has put their lives at state. Thousands of Keralites are trapped in other countries, and they desire to reunite with their families. Many Keralites are stranded in other Indian states. The nation-wide lockdown is preventing them from coming back to their native state. The Department of Non Resident Keralites Affairs or NORKA has come up with a unique scheme that will offer respite to these people. The NORKA Roots Pravasi Registration Scheme enables these migrant residents to fill in an application form. The government of Kerala will take the necessary measures to bring these families back to the state. If you desire to know more about the scheme, then read this article carefully.

Kerala NORKA Roots Pravasi Registration Online

Launch Details

Name of the schemeNORKA Roots Pravasi Registration Scheme
Launched inKerala
Launched byPinarayi Vijayan
Date of announcementApril 2020
Date of implementation26th April, 2020
Target beneficiariesStranded residents of Kerala in and outside India
Supervised byDepartment of Non Resident Keralites Affairs or NORKA

Key features of the scheme

Rescuing the people of Kerala

The primary mission of the scheme is to extend a helping hand to the migrant residents of Kerala, during these precarious times.

Making special arrangements

The Kerala state government and NORKA officials will soon conduct a meeting to make the necessary arrangements for bringing the stranded Keralites home.

Financial assistance to the people

The migrant Keralites, who are stranded in the state or in other regions in India, will be entitled to receive a financial assistance of Rs. 5000 from Department of Non Resident Keralites Affairs.

Money from the welfare fund

The monetary grant that has been offered will come from the NORKA Roots & Kerala Pravasi Welfare Fund.

For people with expired VISA

Many Keralites are stuck in other countries, and their VISAs have also expired. The development of this scheme will help NORKA to bring these people back to their motherland.

For Keralites visiting India

State reports suggest that many Keralites, which are now residing in other countries, had come to India during New Year celebration. They were unable to get back to the foreign land as many countries had cancelled all international flights by the end of December. They can also obtain financial support by filling in the application form.

Eligibility for applicants

Must be residents of Kerala

If any applicant desires to apply for the many perks of this project, then he/she must be a legal resident of Kerala.

Priority for pregnant women

The officials of NORKA mentioned that it will give first priority to the applications, made by pregnant women. Bringing such candidates back will safeguard the health of the mother and the unborn child.

Aged people can apply

If aged migrant residents of the state are stranded in foreign lands, then their application will be considered by NORKA.

Diseased individuals can obtain the benefits

Migrant residents of Kerala, who are suffering from serious ailments, other than Coronavirus infection, will be allowed to attain the benefits of this scheme.

People with expired visas

It has been mentioned in the official guidelines of the program that is the VISA of a Keralite has expired, then NORKA will make the necessary arrangements to bring him/her back.

Documents necessary for application

Copy of the passport

It has been mentioned in the guidelines, that whether the applicant is stranded in any Indian state or in a foreign country, then he/she must attach a copy of the passport to register for the perks.

Proof of current residence

If the applicant is stranded in a foreign country or an indian state, and desires to come back to Kerala, then he/she must attach a copy of current residential proof.

Proof of permanent residence in Kerala

The applicant needs to attach an authorized residential document that supports his/her claims of being a permanent resident of Kerala.

Aadhar card

It is mandatory for the applicant to attach a copy of the Aadhar card with the online registration form.

Bank account details

Those candidates who desire to opt for the financial assistance, need to provide the bank account details for easy money transfer.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

  • The officials of NORKA have already announced that all migrant residents of Kerala will be able to apply for rescue and financial relief through the official website. For this, the applicant must click on the link.
  • As soon as the home page opens, applicants will see two thumbnails in the middle of the page. One is marked as “Outside India” while the other says “Inside India.” The first form is for those who are stranded in foreign countries, and wish to come back to Kerala. The second applicant form is for those who are located within India, but cannot come back to Kerala due to the lockdown.
  • Under each option, the applicant will see a button that is marked as “Register.” As soon as the person clicks on this button a new page will open up. It will give the applicant access to the digitized enrollment form.
  • The candidate must type in the correct details in the various fields.
  • Once the online form has been filled in, the applicant must click on the button that is marked as “Next.”
  • In the new page, the candidate will see the “Submit” button. Clicking on this button will save the application, and the NORKA official will start the verification process.


Is there a helpline number for the applicants, who are stranded in foreign countries?

Yes. The Keralites, currently stuck in any foreign country will be able to gather pertinent information about the scheme by calling on the number 0091 – 8802 – 012345. It is a toll free number.

Will the state government pay for the airline tickets?

No. It will be the responsibility of the applicants to pay for the airline tickets for him/her and the family members.

Can such candidates apply for the scheme, which have access to visiting VISA?

 Yes. If a person possesses a visiting VISA, then he/she will be able to apply for getting the benefits of this scheme.

Will the state government allow the migrant Keralites to go back to their homes?

 No. The state government of Kerala has established special quarantine centers, where these people will be kept for at least 14 days. If the medical tests confirm that they are free from COVID – 19, then they will get the permission to get back to their families.

The entire nation and the common citizens are going through a tough phase. The situation is worse for those who are stuck in other countries. This scheme is a commendable initiative, taken by NORKA and Kerala government, for bringing the migrant Keralites home, as soon as possible.

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