Karnataka Ration Card New list Print Online 2022

Karnataka Ration Card New list 2020 [APL-BPL List, Print Online, Application Form, Check Status, Print Online, Types]

The ration card is a basic official document. It can help you get grants for food grain and fuel at a low rate throughout the state of Karnataka. This initiation has been taken up by the state government for the well-being of common citizens of the state. This ration card can also be used as vital identification proof. This is often asked to produce when you are applying for income certificate, PAN card, driving license, domicile certificate, and others. The ration card for the citizens of Karnataka has been issued by Department of Food and Civil Supplies. Read on to know more about the procedure to get the ration card.

karnataka ration card

What are the types of ration card available?

Various types of ration cards are offered by the Karnataka government, and the types are mentioned in the following part of the article.

  1. Priority House Hold (PHH) Ration Card

PHH ration card is given to citizens of rural households. The beneficiaries under this list will get food grains as per the monthly subsidized rate. According to the list, rice will be given for Rs. 3 per kg, wheat will be given for Rs. 2 per kg and coarse grain will be given for Rs. 1 per kg.

2. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Card

This card will be given to the ones depending on the annual income of the families. With annual income less than rupees 15,000 are eligible to get food grains at the lowest rate possible. The rate of food grains is the same as that of the rate of PHH ration card.

3. Annapurna Yojana (AY) Ration Card

This is only applicable for poor people who are above the age of 65 years. They will be given 10 kg of foodgrain every month from the state government.

Non-Priority Categories (NPHH)

People belonging to this group will only get a ration card. They cannot get subsidized food from the state government.

What are the eligibility criteria to get the ration card?

  • Residential criteria – People who only live in the state of Karnataka are eligible to get the ration card given by the state. No other citizens can avail the benefit.
  • Age limit – Depending on the age of the citizen, they will be entitled to one group of the ration card.
  • Income certificate – Depending on the annual income of the family, the ration card will be given to them.

Important documents required                

  • Income documents – Citizens have to produce income certificate depending on which the ration card and the subsidized food will be given.
  • Residential proof – Only the citizens who belong to the state of Karnataka are eligible to get the benefits under ration card. The residential proof should be produced at the time of applying for the ration card.
  • Age proof – Poor people who are above the age of 65 will get special benefits along with ration card. In addition, the ration card will be given depending on the age of the citizens.
  • Identity proof – As of identity proof, Aadhaar card, voter identity card, passport size photograph of family members will be required when applying online for ration card.

What is the application procedure when opting for online ration card?

Some steps are followed in order to apply online for the ration card.

  1. First, citizens have to visit the official website of the state ration card and click on https://ahara.kar.nic.in/.
  2. After the homepage appears, citizens have to click on e-services and select ‘new ration card’ from the E-ration card option that comes up.
  3. Following this, citizens have to click on ‘New Ration Card Request’ when planning to apply for new ration card.
  4. After this, the applicant has to choose the ration card type that they wish to get.
  5. Applicant also has to provide Aadhaar card details that will be required for verification of Aadhaar number.
  6. For the same, an OTP will be sent in the registered number of the applicant. After they enter the OTP, the Aadhaar details will pop up on the screen.
  7. After this, fingerprint verification is also very vital and single or multiple fingerprints of the applicant is taken as per requirement.
  8. For generating application number, the applicant has to click on the ‘add’ option under the application generation section. For Aadhaar card number of existing family members, the applicant has to delete it before they apply for a new card.
  9. Under the ration card, the applicant can opt for ‘add member’ option to update the relationship in the family.
  10. After choosing the right options, the applicant has to select ‘next stage’ option where they can enter contact details of the applicant and their family members.
  11. After entering the right details, the applicant has to click on the ‘save’ option.

What benefits can applicants get from Karnataka ration card list?

  • By accessing the ration card list, applicants get to know about their name from the comfort of home.
  • Even if the applicant is unable to find their name in the list, they can apply for the card via online mode from their home.
  • Applicants having BPL card will be given special provision when applying for ration card under the state government. In addition, their children will be given scholarship along with the ration card including other help.
  • Applicant family can get access to cheap ration depot where they can get wheat, oil, and rice at a much lower rate.

However, in order to access the list, applicants have to visit the official link. After this, they have to provide state name, district name, city name along with locality name. Soon after this, the list will show up.  

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